Every garden is different.

The place where it is, the sourrounding landscape, its shapes, its dimension, taste, needs and owners’ lifestyle are part of the elements that, combined together, will create a welcoming place to be lived or contemplated, where to find happiness and cheerfulness.

For each new project I thus reset my mind, first acting istinctively, transforming in a second moment only my spountaneous creativity into a studied project where I always respect the relation between site, plants and other elements to be used, and clients’ needs.

Not having a difined style, I’m open to new challenges and different requests. Where possible, I always try to harmoniuosly use rigds elements, plants and clean lined that create the garden’s structure combined with a sort of more “tidy-messy” areas to give a sense of lightness, movement and contrast. 

I love to use herbaceous perennials and grasses to create nature-inspired sceneries.

I always put creativity and technical knowledge on top of everything, experimenting and offering different solutions for various environments. 

Thanks to my strong passion for plants, gardens and nature, I always put my heart into each job, completing it with full dedication.

Mirco Colzani was born in Como (Italy) on 31st December 1993.
His passion for plants, nature and gardens has brought him to study for five years in one of the most highly recognized gardening school in Italy and Europe: Scuola di Floro-Orto-Frutticoltura di Minoprio (school of floriculture –horticulture –and orchard in Minoprio) near Como Lake. There he obtained the title of “Agricultural Technician in Landscape Gardening”.
He worked for different gardening businesses, botanic gardens, garden-design studios and landscape architecture studios all around Italy, then having the possibility to meet, work and learn from Paolo Pejrone (one of the most important landscape architect in Italy and internationally recognized as a close collaborator of the famous Russel Page)
Having spent nearly two years in the Australian garden industry, he has there made various experiences among which working for The Diggers Club (the biggest gardening club in Australia) as a gardener and garden designer at Heronswood Garden.
On behalf of The Diggers Club, Mirco designed many private gardens all around Australia, a roof-top kitchen garden for an hotel in the CBD of Melbourne and the company’s display garden for the Australia’s peak gardening event, the “Melbourne Flower and Gardening Show”(MIFGS) in 2017.
For a few years, Mirco has been running his own garden-design and gardening business, designing and establishing private gardens in Italy, Switzerland , Australia, and England.